I don't understand Social Networking, how do I start?

All too often, I hear that people can't understand social networking, so how do they get started?  I guess that's why firms like Yenius Interactive Marketing exist. 

Navigating the etiquette of online social communications is no small feat and can often be a full time job.  It's definitely work and a consistent, disciplined effort at that.

Even though the technology is relatively accessible to everyone, the communications, the etiquette, the strategic direction and the tactical implementation are all a part of the process.  It's a process of building up followings and communities around a company's brand and developing opportunities to connect with your community with a more engaging and enriching relationship.

It takes considerable time and effort to develop and nurture this branding effort.

Just like hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant, where businesses will benefit the most is in the results.  While with accounting, the results are the financial snapshot of the organization.  In social media, the results are in being able to get a branding snapshot of your company's marketing health.  It involves a lot of measuring, tracking and active listening to achieve this picture.

So, here's a good way to go about it.  Firstly, set out your listening goals. There are many goals including innovation opportunities, customer service improvements, risk reduction and much more.

Secondly, determine some strategic communications which will provide quality communications to develop your brand.  Start setting up a two way street for both informing & engaging your brand's community or followers.  This will start opening a door to questions, comments as well as phone calls to you and your customer service line. 

Thirdly, start doing some active listening.  In other words, make sure you are monitoring the conversations out there, responding to comments and feedback online and following up with innovations which will make a real difference to your brand. 

Lastly, measure, measure & measure.  The only way you'll learn if your brand is being effective or whether customers are trying to communicate areas of opportunities is if you are doing a good job of listening and paying attention.

The more you listen and measure, the more you'll find the sweet spots for your future conversations with your community as well as innovations to your brand. 

So, when content creation is outsourced, the business is better able to leverage time by delegating intensive content creation while remaining strategic with communication direction.  Also, the organization becomes more attentive about listening and free to work on the core brand initiatives which are the most critical components of a solid social media program.

In the meantime, here's a little treat so you can understand the impact of quality social media better.  It's a slideshow called Yes, I do Mind the Gap:



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